Dear friends of Rawinala,

the global pandemic of Coronavirus has been impacting Rawinala too, at least financially. There is a huge decline of visits to Rawinala, which means also a decline of donations which Rawinala heavily depends on to cover its operating costs; such as utility, food & medicine expenses and also salaries.

If you are called to help us in this difficult time, we welcome you to donate by wire-transfer to either one of our bank accounts listed below. You are also welcome to support us in providing food-stocks, masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, vitamins, and other things that you think we may need for this situation - please contact Mazmur +6281383625966 to arrange the delivery.

Thank you for your attention and never-ending support to Rawinala.

Note - bank accounts:

  • BCA 094 300 268 9
  • Bank Mandiri 129 000 128 144 9

or via our Donation page.