We are an institution that caters to the educational needs of people with multiple disabilities and visual impairments. Persons with those conditions are hard to get education services in Indonesia, even at special schools.


for students aged 0–20 years with multiple disabilities


An education program for children aged 0–6 years. Their initial potential begins to be observed, explored, and developed through programs tailored to the needs and abilities of the children.


This program is designed from four main functional education areas: to live, to work, to play, and to love. Children are directed to develop their potential and to explore other abilities that can support their independence.


Further education programs for children aged 14–18 years to develop work skills according to their needs and abilities. The goal is not only to earn income, but also so that children are able to do various simple jobs.


for people with mental disabilities, who for some reason, cannot live with their family


Provided for school-age children who meet certain categories.


We provide a place of residence for elderly people with multiple disabilities who no longer have family. Each dormitory has a role in daily housework and is assisted by several assistants who work together to build a functional and happy residential environment.


Workshops for the children who have completed further education. Those who are included in the train-able category will be given skills that suit their abilities, so that they can have income to meet their daily needs.


We also serves persons with disabilities outside our institution by empowering communities, other institutions, and the government locally, regionally and nationally.


The aim of this program is to encourage and train educational institutions, both public and private, to open similar services. The targets of this program are teachers, social workers, families, communities, and the government.

Latest Articles

Training MDVI!

Training MDVI I at Training Center Rawinala. Eleven participants from three institutions: social workers from Univ. Binawan, teachers from Dria Adi - Semarang, and students from UNJ.

Upacara HUT Kemerdekaan Ke -74 Republik Indonesia

Sesuai dengan tema HUT Kemerdekaan ke-74 Republik Indonesia: SDM Unggul, Indonesia Maju, Rawinala juga akan terus melaksanakan program-program yang dapat meningkatkan kualitas SDM-nya. Salah satu ciri manusia yg berkualitas adalah manusia yang menghargai perbedaan. Bagi Rawinala, perbedaan adalah kekuatan. Latar belakang agama, pendidikan, suku dan budaya serta status sosial yang berbeda, menjadi salah satu faktor pendukung dalam keberhasilan pelayanan Rawinala. Dalam perbedaan, kita belajar untuk saling mengisi, saling menguatkan, dan saling membantu. Semua harus bekerja sama untuk mencapai visi Rawinala: Menjadi pusat unggulan pelayanan Tunaganda Netra di Indonesia.

Share and Care – May 4th, 2019

On Saturday, May 4th 2019, Javanese Christian Church of Jakarta (GKJ Jakarta) successfully held Share and Care activity together with Rawinala (yup, that's us!) and Pelangi Kasih Foundation, as one of our many agendas during Lent - Easter period.

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